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Makers of The Mall on Xbox One


The Mall on Xbox One

The Only Brand and Ecom Platform on Xbox One Via Microsoft Ventures


The Mall is opening the walled garden that is Xbox One to brands for the first time ever. Our native brand platform enables you to have a bespoke Xbox One brand store or product page for promotions, sales and customer acquisition set up in days.


Join us in the future of content to commerce, where users are targeted with contextually relevant products based on their gaming and entertainment preferences, straight from their Xbox One and soon other gaming platforms and media devices.


Million Xbox One Users You Can Target Right Now


Hours a Day Spent on Xbox One That You Can Engage With Users


Billion a year spent on Xbox One That Your Missing Out On


For the first time ever the loop has been closed on the TV. Users now see the impression and can buy the product – in one click. We are deploying The Mall not only as a stand alone shopping app but allowing deeplinks in from any other app on Xbox One. Meaning we can link relevant products to streaming content and games right across the the Xbox One network and other connected devices as we expand our reach.

Launch Your Custom Brand Page or Store

Drive customers into customized rich media environments where a product is showcased in it’s best light with videos, images and simple purchase functionality. All delivered in the biggest piece of visual real estate a customer owns – their HD living room TV.


Our native platform means users interact with an eCom experience built natively for Xbox One users.

Huge Reach

Reach 30 million targeted users with your custom product and brand pages straight from the Xbox One Home Dashboard.

Target Users With Precision

Target a user based on their entertainment interests on the device that they watch that entertainment.

A consumer brand sponsoring product placements in movies, games or TV shows should be able to sell customers that product after they have watched the show.

Or a hardware brand should be able to sell a user the hardware they know the user needs when they play a game or watch Esports.


Full Funnel ROI Analysis and Customer Data

For the first time ever you will be able to build and launch a campaign on TV that you can track all the way from the impression to the sale. We will give you a full customer view post campaign, telling you where customers came from, what they looked at, who they were and how to retarget them.

Partner With The Mall

  • Fast and full eCom store integration done by Von Bismark
  • Keep all customer data from sales
  • Reach 19 Million Xbox One users in the US straight from the home page
  • Target users by age, location, gaming and entertainment interests
  • Granular analytics and insights into campaign and sales

The Mall on XBox One

A Native TV eCommerce Experience

Our mission is to build the market leading T-Commerce experience and the contextual commerce network that connects an eCommerce experience on connected devices to the content users interact with in streaming apps and games. Brands will be able to use this network to target the right users with the right products at the right time based on analytics and recommendations collected and created by Von Bismark.

If you want to factor 30 million gamers into your next campaign drop us a line.

Reach 30 Million Users

The Mall on Xbox One was launched in Dec’ 2016 in the US to millions of users in collaboration with Microsoft Ventures and is the first and only native eCommerce and brand platform designed exclusively for Xbox One, a device that has become the media & entertainment hub for the home. The Mall provides a direct, actionable advert that converts to direct sales and instant lead gen.