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Makers of The Mall X. Where Content Meets Commerce.


The Mall X

The Mall X – A Platform for Launching Your Brand on Xbox One and Beyond.


Our Mall X platform means you can deploy your own brand store in days – as a stand alone, white labelled store, as a retailer on our Mall on Xbox One marketplace or even in a Mini-Mall inside a content publishers app or game.

Deploying your brand to the device where users spend hours every day watching and interacting with their favorite content means you can give them contextually relevant products, targeted at them when their purchase intent is highest.

Our native and seamless checkout experiences mean we can deliver your brand directly to the customer and allow them purchase straight from your native to Xbox One store. We can have you up and running in days and even tie you in to Xbox One dash board ads – meaning millions of users will see your brand the minute they turn on their Xbox One.


Million Connected TV Users


Hours a Day Spent on Consoles


Billion spent on Over The Top TV advertising by 2021


If you want to shorten the path to purchase from TV impression to direct sale then integrate with The Mall X.

We are live on Xbox One and can deploy your brand into any partner apps, games, as a stand alone store or as part of our Mall marketplace, live on Xbox One right now. Join us in the future of content to commerce.

For Brands

We will do all of the integration with your existing eCom store. Meaning all you have to decide on is whether to deploy a Mini-Mall experience within our expanding range of app and game partners, as a stand alone store on Xbox One or as part of our Mall Store on Xbox One beside other retailers.

From there we can hook you into campaigns that feed millions of users straight from the Xbox One dashboard into your product promotion page or store.

For Advertisers

If you are an advertising or media agency that would like to add a more impactful, engaging and innovative new channel to your brands existing digital campaigns then we have the solution for you. Conveyer is our ad booking and campaign management platform, currently in Beta, where you can create your deployment store for a brand in apps, games, stand alone store or The Mall.

Using Conveyer you can book campaigns and buy media across these platforms and launch campaigns and products to engaged users on Xbox One and beyond.

For Publishers

You have a passionate fan-base of users, who spend hours every week engaging with your content in your app or game on a console or connected TV.

The question is though – how do you up-sell and monetize this audience in a more meaningful way without ruining their user experience.

Our Mall X Mini-Mall API allows us to deploy a shell into any game or app, giving your users a native promotion or checkout experience for partner brands and advertisers. We will deliver contextually relevant products to your users and allow you to monetize existing real estate in your app like never before.

Brainwave Metrics

Brainwave is our insights and analytics metrics tracker, that will allow you to track everything from impressions and sales to detailed demographic data from every interaction with our Mall X platform.

Partner With The Mall X

  • Reach tens of millions of new connected TV and console customers
  • Deploy your store in apps, games, stand alone stores or on The Mall on Xbox One
  • The Mall X integrates with your existing ecom store – you don’t have to do a thing
  • Keep all customer data from sales
  • Target users by age, location, gaming and entertainment interests
  • Granular analytics and insights into campaign and sales

Why It Matters

Every day billions of people watch their favourite content and play their favourite games on a Connected TV.


We are solving the ‘what if’: What if you could present and fulfill relevant brand engagements and products to users based on their content choices when their purchase intent is highest.


That is what our Contextual Commerce Network is.


A better way to drive revenue, reach the right customers at the right time and increase a brand’s visibility, profitability and relevance by fueling passions.

If you want to factor 36 million gamers into your next campaign drop us a line.