Von Bismark | Von Bismark Announce the Launch of their Evolve system at the Dublin Web Summit
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Von Bismark Announce the Launch of their Evolve system at the Dublin Web Summit


Von Bismark Announce the Launch of their Evolve system at the Dublin Web Summit

Dublin based tech start-up Von Bismark, the “Physical Web” pioneers, have today announced the launch of their in store e-commerce platform, the Von Bismark Evolve system for the high street.

Founded in late 2011 Von Bismark released their first commercial product – the “VB Wardrobe” in 2013. The Wardrobe uses live motion capture and allows consumers to control the interface from a number of metres away using only their hands. Utilising augmented reality users can then try on virtual outfits, take pictures and share content within seconds. To date the Wardrobe has been used as a marketing and sales tool for retailers and advertisers with some of the world’s largest brands taking advantage of the Wardrobe since launch.


Speaking about the launch of their newest addition to the Von Bismark stable, founder Eoghan O Sullivan said  “We really believe that the high street is going to undergo a fundamental change over the next few years with Deloitte predicting that retailers will have to shrink their store portfolios by 30-40% over the next 3-5 years. Their cost bases are too high and having to stock their entire inventory all of the time is absolutely killing their bottom line. We aim to revolutionise the sector by bringing e-commerce in store. We will personalise the consumer’s experience, speed it up and allow them access more inventory, while reducing the retailers staffing, security, shipping and mark down costs.”

The Von Bismark Wardrobe in store

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The Von Bismark Evolve system is built from the ground up as full e-commerce platform that takes the best features of the Von Bismark Wardrobe and adds hybrid gesture and touch interactions. This system is built to suit public engagements. To date retailers have been attempting and failing to bring e-commerce into their stores by simply transferring their existing online sites into a kiosk in the store. This approach is flawed, as consumers interact with technology differently in a public environment than they do from the comfort of their own home.

“We already have our first major customer signed up for the new Evolve system and will be launching the world’s first permanent Cyber Store for clothing in March 2014” says O Sullivan.

Von Bismark is launching its new platform for in store e-commerce on the 31th of October in the RDS, Dublin at the Dublin Web Summit, Europe’s biggest tech summit


Visit www.vonbismark.com for details on the company


For Further information contact Eoghan O Sullivan, CEO at +353 (0) 86 3141235


About Von Bismark

Von Bismark is a technology company based at 9 Herbert street Dublin 2. It is a Microsoft Bizspark Plus partner in Ireland and is one of only a dozen global Microsoft Kinect development partners. The company is also an Enterprise Ireland HPSU ( high potential start up ) company. The company was founded in September 2011 by Eoghan O Sullivan and graduated from NDRC’s Launchpad 4 program at the end of that year. A D.C.U. graduate with a B.Sc. in Multimedia, O Sullivan was previously the creative director of a digital agency, Pixel Lab and co-founded a global marketplace for 3D content. He has also been lucky enough to have passed through EI’s IGAP programme where he was mentored by silicon veterans like Eric Ries and Sean Ellis.


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