Von Bismark | Funky Christmas Jumpers
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Funky Christmas Jumpers

Von Bismark teamed up with Funky Christmas Jumpers to create an instore virtual wardrobe that allowed customers share their experiences on Facebook. In 5 weeks 5,146 user generated 526 pictures. Friends shared these via the FCJ Facebook page which led to 226,000 people seeing the pictures and 57,000 clicks.


“We were looking for an exciting way to engage with customers in our Dublin flagship store when we heard of Von Bismark’s exciting augmented reality in store display. Having been a finalist in the 2012 Irish Social Media Awards, we knew the importance that social media has played in our companies’ growth to-date and we were looking for a unique platform to merge our online and offline activities. In essence our goal was to increase customer engagement with our brand in a fun and unique way.

There is no doubt that Von Bismark remarkable in-store platform made a dramatic impact from day one. Customers were intrigued at first when they saw the display, which added a sense of mystique and excitement to their store visit. Furthermore, when they saw how easy it was to virtually try on jumpers, we couldn’t believe the emotional attachment they now felt with the product. In essence, ‘the cash register did the talking’ at the end of the day.

For those customers ‘browsing’ and others who were reluctant to make an impulse purchase, the ‘snap-shot’ facility which link’s ones virtual photo taken to our Facebook account was an effective tool to encourage social media engagement after they had left our store. We immediately noticed increased number of ‘Like’s and general social media engagement rocketing on our Facebook page. Furthermore, there is no doubt that word-of-mouth spread and the display has a magnetic effect on pulling inquisitive and prospective customers to our store to get their photo taken, which lead to new sales.

I would recommend Von Bismark technology without hesitation to any retailer looking to drive sales and traffic in their store, increase social media engagement with their brand and add to their customer’s in-store experience.

Dónal Mc Sharry / ‘Funky Christmas Jumpers’