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by Kate Enright This past weekend saw the launch of Woolworth's virtual shopping facility in Sydney’s Town Hall Station. Shoppers in the station will now simply have to point and tap to order groceries right to their homes without the hassle of shopping trollies, frustrated toddlers and queues at the supermarket checkout. The virtual storefront displays images of the items most commonly purchased in stores accompanied by a bar code. By just pointing and tapping shoppers can add the item to their virtual basket and move to the next shelf. Genius. Image

www.vonbismark.com The dawn of online selling, now affectionately known as e-Commerce 1.0 saw the inception of online as a distribution channel. At the time however it was only really adoptable by large businesses with simple, often direct supply chains. Since then, as everyone knows, the online channel has gathered traction, so much so that all online sales account for an estimated 5% of the transactions that take place in the world today. [caption id="attachment_92" align="aligncenter" width="273" caption="Tesco have been busy leading the grocery industry in the area of virtual shopping"][/caption]

By Kate Enright Social check in has taken off and is now a key element to modern marketing. From physical business premises to virtual stores and even charities we now check-in almost everywhere we go. Why? Well although it is used by some to inform friends of their location, possibly to brag, possibly to extend an invite even just as habit, the biggest push is now the actual incentive provided by the organisation itself. Whether it is a money-off voucher, a free coffee or even a charitable donation delivered on your behalf, all of these incentives are a way for companies to ensure their names are out there. Image

www.vonbismark.com   Von Bismark's mirror on retailing future 1 January 2012 by Linda Daly [caption id="attachment_39" align="alignnone" width="299" caption="Eoghan O Sullivan Von BIsmark"][/caption] Eoghan O'Sullivan, founder, Von Bismark: the company's aim is to revolutionise online retailing. Von Bismark What it does: virtual commerce and retail advertising Why it works: "It's better to test your products with real world users than to spend nine months in development creating something people don't want. Get things out there early. Get feedback and, if it's rough around the edges, so be it." - Eoghan O'Sullivan, founder, Von Bismark

I'm extremely pleased to have made an extremely rough around the edges video of the fully functional Von Bismark Accessorise. The 'Accessorise' is the first in a new wave off NUI ( Natural User Interface )  applications Von Bismark will release in the coming months that allow consumers to interact with digital information in a physical way - essentially marrying all of the benefits of the online world with the physical Out of Home market. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tftaC0LooP0&w=560&h=315]